The Night Party

The night party

Sid hated the night as it made him feel lonely and gave him a fright. When he went to bed,…

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Circus Time

Circus time

Six year old Kabir was very excited today as his father was going to take him to see the circus.…

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Neeta Goes To School By Bus

Neeta goes to school by bus

Neeta woke up early today. Today was the day she would be going to school on the big yellow bus.…

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The Magic Bag

The magic bag

Ravi walked home from school with tears rolling down his face. Rajesh and his friends had teased him again because…

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Shonty The Famous Dragon Clown

Shonty the famous dragon clown

Shonty is a young dragon. All the other animals are scared of him. Read the story of how he becomes Shonty…

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Friends Always Understand

Friends always understand

Mummy sparrow teaches young Chidiya sparrow why friends always understand. Chidiya Sparrow came home from her Flying School terribly upset.…

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There Is A Victory In Every Loss

There is a victory in every loss

Radha desperately wants to join the school choir. Inspite of failing in the auditions, she learns an important lesson of…

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Hair Raising Trouble

Hair raising trouble

Virika wants to be just like her Rockstar idol, including matching her hair. Taking things into her own hands, Virika…

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Bunty Is Not Funny After All

Bunty is not funny after all

Have you ever listened to your parent and still gotten into trouble? Read this story of Bunty, who is not…

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Hakim’s Brave Act

Hakim’s brave act

Hakim’s father Iqbal is on a rescue mission. In this story of a brave act, Hakim proves that size does…

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Suchi Faces Her Fear

Suchi faces her fear

Suchi is afraid of heights. In this story, she shows her bravery and conquers her fear of heights as she…

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Golu, Molu And Tolu – The Story Of Hard Work

Golu, Molu and Tolu – the story of hard work

Golu, Molu and Tolu are different. Golu and Molu are lazy. Read this story of hard work to find out…

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Red Ever Ready And Her Presence Of Mind

Red Ever Ready and her presence of mind

Reena is a very helpful girl. One day while delivering a bag to her Daadi, she displays excellent presence of…

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The Mysterious Case Of The Missing Wallet

The mysterious case of the missing wallet

Daksh is faced with a mysterious case of his father’s missing wallet. Can he solve it like his detective hero?…

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Bhumi Saves The Day

Bhumi saves the day

Bhumi is a clever little bear. She saves the day for the hopping roos. Her clever idea makes it all…

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Chikoo Learns The Magic Words

Chikoo learns the magic words

Chikoo, the son of the mighty lion king is rude to animals in Junjuna jungle. One day he is taught…

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Unsung Song

Unsung song

Geet wants to be a part of her school fair by singing a song. However, her talents lay elsewhere. This…

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Mithu The Parrot Grows Up

Mithu the parrot grows up

Mithu is in a hurry to grow up and be like the other parrots in Sher Baug forest. However, being…

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A Prank Gone Wrong

A prank gone wrong

Naughty Amit loves to play pranks on his friends. One day at a school picnic he realises the folly of…

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Journey Into The Future

Journey into the future

Wobbly, the witch, makes a journey into the future, where she sees technology replacing magic. The Magic Conclave was about…

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Mishka’s Travel To China

Mishka’s Travel to China

Mishka’s travel to China teaches her about a new culture. Mishka Mouse, who lived a peaceful and lazy life in…

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Rules Are Good

Rules are good

Bobby goes on a class trip and learns that rules are good to follow as they keep us safe. Bobby…

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A Cloud Scientific Experiment At Home

A cloud scientific experiment at home

Sejal’s dad showed her an exciting scientific experiment. In this experiment, she could make her own cloud! Little Sejal sat looking…

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Blowing Bubbles

Blowing bubbles

Jia loves blowing bubbles. One night, she gets a chance to visit bubbleland and meet with the bubblians. Join her…

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Three Steps Forward – Cat Myth Vs Facts

Three steps forward – cat myth vs facts

Is it bad luck when a cat crosses your path? In this story about cat myth vs facts, Asha learns…

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The Story Of Peepal And Sprout

The story of Peepal and Sprout

This is the story of Peepal, the tree, who is be-friended by Sprout, the sparrow despite rumours about her. Sprout…

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Krish And Granna: A Story About Generation Gaps

Krish and Granna: a story about generation gaps

In this story about generation gaps, Krish visits his grandma in town. During that visit, both Krish and Grandma learn…

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Lulu, Laali And The Piggies: A Story About Animals

Lulu, Laali and the Piggies: a story about animals

A story about animals living on Rampur farm. As you read the story, remember never to forget the past and…

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Poppy And The Mystery Of The Missing Bone

Poppy and the mystery of the missing bone

Sniff, the little puppy is crying because he cannot find his bone. Come join Poppy as she solves the mystery…

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The Lost Treasure

The lost treasure

Bella, Juhi and Nishi are preparing to go for a fancy dress party. They get some help from a lost…

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Off To Camp

Off to camp

School was coming to an end. It was nearly time for the summer holidays to start. Just another two days…

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I Wish To Be A …

I wish to be a …

Everyone has a dream to be something special when they grow up. Reet and her family tackle the question, 'I…

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Vedant Tidies Up

Vedant tidies up

Vedant loved playing with his toys. Every day when he came back from school he would change his clothes and…

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Kabbadi time

The children of Vitthal Society were happy today. At last the sun was shining brightly.  They had been sitting indoors…

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A Turn For The Better

A turn for the better

The students of Class 5-C were excited. As per their timetable, they were to have two back to back periods…

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Meeta Gets A Scare

Meeta gets a scare

Meeta was bored. Her summer vacations had started and she was tired of watching television. They were showing repeat shows…

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Little Bunty Blue

Little Bunty blue

Little bunny Bunty was blue in color. He had been so busy hopping around looking for carrots to chew, that…

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Birthday Surprise

Birthday surprise

Khushi sat with her nose pressed against the window. Today was Siddhant’s birthday. She was excited as she knew what…

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Spaced Out

Spaced out

Gaurav loved to read. His favourite past time was reading about the universe and its planets. His mother would often…

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Cool Fun

Cool fun

“The summers in Chennai are horrid!” exclaimed Chirag sitting under a slow moving fan that hardly gave any relief. “And…

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Helping Hand

Helping hand

Sagar was the tallest and strongest boy in all of grade one. He was very proud of his strength and…

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Bubsy Bear And The Bees

Bubsy Bear and the Bees

Bubsy Bear was very hungry. An empty stomach made her very angry. She stomped around in the forest looking for…

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Horse Crazy

Horse crazy

Virika, a cute eight-year-old, loved horses. Ever since she was a little baby, she loved horses. Her pram had been…

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Visit To Grandma’s

Visit to Grandma’s

Vedika was very happy today. This weekend was special as she would be spending it at her Grandma’s home. She…

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