2037 – When whole India was in the problem of pollution by landfill which had decreased fertility of land and hence shortage of grains. 90%of the farmers were having loss in their produce. Nobody knew what to do and even the government was unable to find why it was happening.

A poor boy named Askar lived in Gurugram with his father who was having loss in his productions. Askar wanted to do something about this problem and went to various places to search about it. He went to library, schools and many more places. One day when he was checking a book in the library he got to know about how the wrong disposal of plastic can adversely affect farming.

Askar went to his home and informed his father about this book but he didn’t look interested and said, “First I am having loss in my productions and now you’re telling me to experiment!”

“I am sorry”, Askar was disappointed but still read the book many times.

Askar movement - Malhaar (10 years)

The book said – When you throw a plastic item on the ground it takes nearly 1000 years for it to get disposed nicely. The rest of the time if you grow something on the same ground it will never grow. For right disposal you should make two disposing bins – one for normal waste (biodegradable) and one for non-biodegradable things which take more then 100years to degrade.

Then dispose them in different places, biodegradable in landfill and plastic, metal, glass for recycle.’

Askar could do one thing and that was to try this method somewhere. So he knew that his father will refuse to give him some land so he thought asking his friends. His friends agreed and they made a group and started collecting money to buy land. After some time they were ready to buy land and also two cans of dustbins.

Now Askar was thinking of an interesting way to show what he read in the book. He invited everyone in his village to show the thing that can change everyone’s life. On a fine day he and his friends held the program. From 100 people only 10 people came to see it. By the end everyone liked the idea and tried it at their home.

Suddenly the people who applied this trick at home they were having great improvements. Askar was very happy to see the change for the people who came to see the show. But Askar dint stop. He went to various houses in his village and personally told them the instructions for a better life. Many people tried and were successful in it. Everyone started talking this idea. Slowly it started to become a movement named Askar movement. Everyone could see the improvements happening. It took a year for this movement to spread around his whole village. Askar had become an inspirational leader for everyone. Now he aspires to inspire more people.

Askar movement
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