Dear Ma’am,

It’s my last day in school and

I’m minding all of my Ps and Qs.

Yet somewhere deep within my heart,

I still feel an apology is due.


I’m sorry for all the noise,

And the non-stop chitter-chatter.

But I assure you, I still recall,

All you taught me on the laws of conservation of matter.


I’m sorry for all the notebooks I misplaced,

They always seemed to vanish before a test.

I remember you searching every floor

Only, to find it under my desk.


I’m sorry for the homework I forgot,

Always blaming it on the appetite of my dog.

But now I’m sure you know,

Nothing was true in that dialogue.


I’m sorry for the time I cried,

When I failed for the first time.

It was you who taught me to not be disappointed

For after every winter there’s springtime.


Ma’am, I’m mostly sorry for all the days I wasted,

Spending time playing when I could have been with you.

For you were my only constant, besides Maths, which I hated,

I am filled with regret as I bid adieu,

For, the past thirteen years,

I have never seemed to thank you.

An apology
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