My nikku, gulli, amberu, bunny,
Many names but one tot.
Teeny tiny she laid in front of me,
Large sparkly eyes staring intently at me,
It looked as if she wanted to talk to me,
Tell me stories !

My niece, she is!
She turned just two months old!
It seems so surreal when I hold her,
Her little hands gripping onto my finger so tightly.
Does she know who I am?
I mean she sure did fell asleep on my lap.


Never ever did I give it a thought,
How pure and innocent a baby is.
She knows nothing,
Good or bad,
Male or female,
Night or day.
All she knows is sucking, sleeping and pooping!
A baby farting is nothing less than a joke,
It sets everyone giggling.

What true happiness is?
This tiny tot taught me that.
She is like a white ball of joy,
Showering little doses of glee,
She only gives !
She gives everyone time to play,
She gives away her laughter,
She surely does give away sleepy yawns.
What does she expects in return?
Nothing !( Except milk, of course!)


How I wish I could turn into a baby again,
Unaware and free from all the worries in the world,
Free from the burden of mistakes I made,
Most importantly free from myself.

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