Post Series: Adventures of Aquina

Aquina, the water droplet, was playing with the ocean waves. He liked to ride on big waves rushing to the shore and crashing there noisily. Suddenly something caught his attention and his eyes grew big with horror.

He rushed to his mother, “Momma! See what is happening. The beach is stealing the sea.”

Momma asked back, “How do you know that?”

“I saw it myself. The beach site is growing bigger and bigger. New sand covered land is visible with hundreds of shells strewn around. I think soon it will gulp down the entire sea and we all will be gone.”

But Momma seemed to remain unfazed.

“Don’t you believe me? Then please come and see it for yourself,” Aquina insisted.

Adventures of Aquina - High and Low

Momma said smiling, “I believe every word you have told me, Aquina.”

Aquina was visibly pleased to hear that. “Then why aren’t you worried? What will happen to all of us?” he queried.

Momma replied with her usual calm, “Don’t worry. Just pray to Moon God. Soon our ocean would be able to swallow back the beach.”

“Really?” Aquina didn’t feel convinced.

“Yes, really. Just wait and watch,” Momma tried to assure him.

The whole day Aquina kept praying to the Moon. In the evening he peeped at the sea shore with trepidation. But to his amazement he found his Momma’s words to be true. The high sea waves were much ahead in the land than they were a few hours back. He ran to his Momma happily.

Hugging her tight he announced, “You were right Momma. The Moon God has helped us.” Then he took a breath and explained further, “Sea water is growing back. We have been saved.”

Seeing his excitement Momma laughed. She warned, “The water will recede again soon.”

Aquina instantly got worried, “What are you saying?”

“I am telling you the laws of nature. These phenomena are called High tide and Low tide.” Aquina waited curiously to know more.

Momma started explaining to him in detail, “You know about gravitational force, because of which we all always fall downwards. That same force of Sun and Moon causes the sea levels of Earth to rise and fall. Generally it happens twice every day. The water of the ocean rises and as high tide and then goes back as low tide.”

“Wow, Momma! That’s really amazing.” Aquina suddenly remembered something. “Once I’ve heard my friends talking about Spring tide and Neap tide. What’s that?”

Momma explained further, “Oh! The Spring tide occurs when Earth, Sun and Moon are in a line. Like on a new moon day or a full moon day.”

“Does it occur in the spring season?” Aquina asked innocently.

Momma chuckled, “No, it occurs in every season, twice in each month, throughout the year. It makes the high tide go even higher and low tide further lower.”

“OK! And what is a Neap tide then?” Aquina’s questions never ceased.

“The Neap tide happens seven days after a Spring tide, when the Earth, Sun and Moon make a right angle that is an L shape.”

Momma’s explanation made Aquina very happy. He always wanted to touch the tall coconut trees of the shoreline. But they were far in the coast. Now to reach them, all that he needed to do was wait and watch. Next Spring tide and he would be there.

“Wow!” He whistled and did a back flip with happiness. A wave swept him away. Momma watched him swimming playfully with a wide grin on the face.

Word meanings:

  • trepidation – fear, nervousness
  • recede – retreat, go back
  • phenomena – occurrences, happenings
Adventures of Aquina – high and low
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