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Hello! We're Neev magazine, an online magazine for children. We know you're always looking for ways to teach children good morals, so we want to help! Our stories impart value education which plays a very important role in promoting the holistic development of children. Recurring themes for the stories are the ones with a social message, relationships with people, behaviour towards animals and personality development.

Value education

Stories are the best way to teach children good morals. They help children learn from other's experiences. Neev has an abundance of original stories that teach children good values.

Audio stories

Listening is a great way to learn. Children usually read on one level and listen on a higher level. With accompanying audio, Neev helps improve diction, understanding and new words.

हिन्दी & English

Original content is served up every month in हिन्दी and in English. This gives children a platform to read and develop in the 2 most important languages in the world.

Child content

We also accept content submitted by children, no questions asked. We care about children trying new things in order to learn and develop.
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Read what schools are saying about us

I would like to thank you for the initiative taken by ‘Neev’, writing about ‘If I met Gandhi’ was a wonderful experience for the children. We got many insightful sharing from our children. Our children from grade 3 – grade 9 had participated in the Contest in the month of September. Indus World School, Gurgaon
Thank you Neev magazine for the special gift. Delhi Public School, Gurgaon

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