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Entertaining your child — so you can relax

Hello, we’re Neev magazine, an online magazine for children. We know you’re always busy, so we bring the entertainment right to your child. Neev does not just entertain, it also educates! So let us take care of your child's entertainment. We’re really good at it, we promise.

Audio stories

Listening is a great way to learn. Children usually read on one level and listen on a higher level. As Neev has accompanying audio, it helps improve diction, understanding and new words.

हिन्दी & English

Original content is served up every month in हिन्दी and in English. This gives your child a platform to read and develop in the 2 most important languages in the world.

Child content

We also accept content submitted by children, no questions asked. We care about children trying new things in order to learn and develop. Email us now!

24x7 access

The best part is that Neev can be accessed at anytime, from anywhere! This allows your child to be independent while you can relax knowing that your child is safe with us.

What real people are saying about us

We keep complaining about the impact of various devices on our children. However, Neev manages to undercut the problems and disadvantages. Neev uses those same devices and provides a platform that goes back to the oral storytelling technique, thus harnessing digital technology to serve a different purpose altogether! customer 1 photoTarini Mathur
The knowledge of own culture and language is most essential for growing children. 'Neev' helps put this foundation strongly in a safe reading mode and very convenient manner. I trust in allowing children learn while reading or listening to stories on Neev Magazine online which I found is truly 'responsible-reading'. customer 2 photoSatish Tyagi
This looks like a super effort. Congratulations to Neev for this concept. I would like to try this surely for my kids. Living away from the main Hindi speaking areas, they struggle with hindi conversation skills. I think they’ll benefit from this. I would like to promote this to friends who struggle with the same issue. customer 3 photoRuchika Rachel Nath