Ajay was playing in the garden and was hopping from one place to another with his toys. He was trying to stay in the shade as the sun was beginning to get angrier and hotter.

Soon he realized that there was no place anymore that he could play, the sun had covered the entire garden. He was feeling thirsty too! He decided to go inside the house. Before doing so he looked around the garden. The flowers looked wilted, the grass looked dry and even the sparrows seemed to be upset. They chirped a little angrily; it seemed to Ajay.

He went in and said to Mom, “It’s so hot outside mom. The flowers, the birds everyone seems to be troubled”

Mom: “Really? How do you know that?”

Ajay: “Well the flowers are looking droopy and sad. The sparrows are all doing …chee chee chee”. Ajay tried to make an angry chirping sound.

A bowl of water

Mom laughed and looked at Ajay thoughtfully, “So what do you want to do about it?”

Ajay: “I am sad for them but what can I do?”

Mom: “You can do something if you want. You can water the plants and put an earthen bowl of water for the birds.”

Ajay brightened up at hearing this, “Yes! Let’s do that!”

So Ajay went and watered the plants and kept a bowl of water for the birds.  When he peeped outside after a while he felt that the plants looked happier. The birds were jumping around in the bowl of water and even a squirrel came to take a sip.

“See mom they look happier now. I should do this every day,” Ajay smiled and hugged mom.

Word meanings:

  • Wilted: Lifeless or bendy
  • Earthen: Made of clay or mud
  • Brightened: Cheered up

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A bowl of water
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