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In this episode of the 32 stories of the throne, Madanmohini recalls an experience of King Vikramaditya which shows his generosity.

On the nineteenth day, leaving himself in the hands of fate, King Bhoj once again proceeded towards the throne. He had made up his mind to sit on the throne this time. He advanced towards the throne when Statue Madanmohini appeared from the throne, smiling cheerfully and said, “King Bhoj, I appreciate your courage and wish to see you sit on the throne. But this cannot happen unless you display even one quality like King Vikramaditya. Wait! Let me tell you a story of Vikramaditya.” Saying this, the statue started narrating the story.

It was midnight. The whole city was asleep when suddenly King Vikramaditya heard the cry of a woman. The King immediately woke up and taking his sword with him, rushed in the direction of that cry. Walking some distance, he saw a woman crying beside a dead body. The King asked the woman, “Dear lady, who are you, who’s dead body is it? I am Vikramaditya, the king of this state. Tell me everything without any fear.”

The lamenting woman said, “Majesty! The dead body is of my father. We both had come from a nearby city to pay you a visit. My father died on the way. What should I do now? Where should I go?”

The King politely said, “Have patience dear! Who can preclude what is destined to happen? I cannot give life to your father but I can definitely help you like a brother. I will not let you suffer.”

32 stories of the throne - Story of statue MadanmohiniThe woman said, “That seems fine but if you take my father’s body to the river, his last wish would be fulfilled and he would be given a due funeral.”

To this, Vikramaditya replied, “Come dear! I’ll take your father’s body to the river.”

After this, as soon as the King tried to lift up the body, he heard some weird spells being chanted inside the body.

He immediately asked the woman, “Tell me the truth, what is going on? Who are you and what do you want?”

The woman joined her hands and said, “Majesty, I am the princess of a magical state. I know many magic spells. The man lying on the ground is my enemy whom I have hypnotised for a while. After gaining consciousness, he will kill me. I need your help. If you provide me with your blood, I shall be indebted to you for the rest of my life.”

Before placing his trust in the women, Vikramaditya remembered the Betals. The Betals immediately appeared before the King. When the King asked them about that sorceress, they said, “Lord, the woman is telling the truth. Please help her if you can. If her enemy stays alive, he will become your enemy also.”

The King said, “I am ready to help you.”

And then he cut his left palm with his sword. Blood started flowing out from it. The sorceress took the blood in her hands twenty times and poured it on her enemy’s body. When she did it for the twenty first time, the body vanished.

Seeing the body disappear, the woman joyfully said, “Our enemy has been killed, Majesty! Tell me what you want.” Saying this, she blew a whiff on the King’s palm and the blood stopped flowing as if nothing had ever happened.

The King replied to the woman’s question, “Being a human being, I have just done what I should have done. I don’t want anything.”

The woman said, “You are a great King but I will not let you go empty handed.”

She swayed her hand in the air and immediately, a gold plate which was covered with a golden cloth, appeared on her palm. Giving it to the king, she said, “Whenever you will uncover his plate, it will be filled with your favourite food.”

32 stories of the throne - The story of Statue Madanmohini

Vikramaditya said, “I am always worried that my people should not have to face any scarcity of food. With this plate, my people shall get their favourite food.” Having said this, the King happily started walking towards the palace. On his way, he met a monk.

The monk said, “Majesty! I’m very hungry. Can you make any arrangement for my food?”

The King immediately removed the cloth from the plate and served delicious food to the monk. The monk felt satiated after eating. Blessing the King, the monk said, “Dear King, if I get this plate, I will never have to beg for food in front of anyone, in the future.”

Vikramaditya understood what the monk was trying to convey. He gave him that plate and returned empty-handed, happily to his palace.

After narrating the story, the statue said, “Did you hear King Bhoj! How generous and selfless our King Vikramaditya was.”  Saying this, the statue vanished.

King Bhoj himself accepted King Vikramaditya’s generosity and sacrifice. That day too, he returned to his palace with a heavy heart.

Word meanings:

  • Lamenting – mourning aloud
  • Sorceress – a woman who is a wizard
  • Satiated – satisfied

Values learnt:

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32 stories of the throne – Story of statue Madanmohini
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